In modern defense systems, processing of the electrical power to suitable voltage level and conversion of it to desired operation frequency is a key technology towards achieving high performance, light weight, improved reliability and high efficiency. This is currently achieved through power electronics technology that utilizes power semiconductor switches and passive components for control and processing of electrical power. Due to ever increasing complexity and challenging requirements, majority of defense applications often require power processors to operate with fluctuating source, load, or environment. In all these scenarios, efficiency and power density have to be kept high without compromising the transient response. Furthermore, such switch modulation technique based power converters have to meet the stringent requirements of power quality and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) military standards. In state-of-the-art (SOA) power converters, fixed gain passive component based filter are used to meet these challenging requirements and satisfy the standards. Such filters are voluminous, very heavy, and cause significant amount of power loss. There has been incremental progress in overcoming these challenges but nothing transformative has been achieved. Progress in multiferroic materials has now brought us closer towards addressing this problem effectively and providing solution that could radically transform the dc-to-dc power conversion systems.


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